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Network presentation

16th Sep 2014,Tanya
The story of Incredible Edible and the growth of the Network
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Volunteering England: Volunteer recruitment

18th Aug 2014,Tanya
Great advice on keeping volunteers happy and coming back for more :)
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Bristol Council: support pack for practical activities carried out by volunteer groups

14th Aug 2014,Tanya

Created by Bristol Council, this is a fab Health and Safety support pack ...

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Editor , 18th Oct 2014
The room is getting hot; I am out of breath and a bit sweaty. The energy is pumping. About 10 people crowd together in the room: some on the floor,...
Pam Warhurst , 15th Oct 2014
Met some amazing people in Grasse, Provence last week. An event putting food at the heart of our lives. There will soon be an IE Grasse so watch this...

HI there

just to let you know we are working behind the scenes to create a toolkit for signage x

HI there

just to let you know we are working behind the scenes to create a toolkit for signage x

As promised, we've rustled up this page in your honour!

Commissioned templates on their way :)


Hi Viv

Been working behind the scenes on this one and good things to report.

The Incredible Farm will be sending us a couple of generic forms next week.

We are also looking to commission some IE specific ones so if you could give me some common topics that would be fab. Also we are going to investigate how to get local advice sourced via the Network or for free, so hold fire, we are on it!

Hi Sahira,

I hope this isn't too late! What age/key stage are you working with and what sort of topics do you want to cover?

Hi Sunny

I have upgraded your account and the group is now listed in the directory so all should be working now.

The site doesn't allow for multiple accounts from one email and when you initially sign up, thats when you can tick 'accredited' group which allows you to post bits and pieces.

My email does suffer from overload but I should generally be contactable via [email protected]


Tanya, I am signed in as Sunny Soleil, I even have a 'sign out' at the top of my page. I am trying to register on the forum to ask a question about how we get Edible Eastbourne into the Incredible Edible Network.

When I go to register on the forum via the click here link I get "Access denied - click her to register. I am being sent round in circles. Please can you help. [email protected]

Ah that's brilliant news, thank you! It's very slowly growing :) will certainly stay in touch x

Hi IE Dumfries,

Ditto all that from Nick ... soooo many allotments are roadside too.

We wash & go in Wilmslow too,



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