The Incredible North

An exciting new chapter in the Incredible Story

By IE Ltd Chair Pam Warhurst 

It's time to yell from the rooftops, our membership network is three years old! What an amazing three year old we are. We got on our wellies, we got out our purses and we put on the jam pan and together we created a movement. An Incredible Edible movement where If you eat you're in.

So many stories. So many friends. So many courgettes!!

And the roll doesn't stop now. There's loads more places to go, people to meet, people to see as the song goes. There's stars from Bristol to Barnard Castle, Liverpool to Lambeth and all points in between. Ideas to be shared. Collaborations to be invested in....

Our groups are our strength and our inspiration.

But could we add something more to the Incredible Edible story?

Could we work across a bigger territory than any individual group?  Make better links. Find out who else is using food to change their lives and link up with them. Prisons, hospitals, social landlords, whoever. We know our members are already doing so much work, we want to gather their stories and look to build upon their sucess, wth a bit of a coast to coast stretch.

Could we work with local shops, train companies, public sector bodies to demonstrate the power of local food in creating a critical mass of people who want to invest in a kinder future?  And all this underpinned by our belief in the power of small actions.

To which the answer is, of course we can.

It's a new and crazy project called Incredible North all about using the Incredible Edible model to rethink what we mean by prosperity.

Life doesn't have to look like growth at all costs, and health, wealth and happiness starts right here on our doorsteps. 

This is a movement for EVERYONE. Local communities growing and eating the best local produce; public bodies looking for a new approach to health, wealth and happiness; and food entrepreneurs inspired to follow their dreams with like-minded people. Incredible North is home to all who know things don't have to be like yesterday – they can be much, much better!

IN's story starts now and we will be updating you every step of the way

For more information email the Incredible North Coordinator, Maggie Moody

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