Wonderful ways for folk to be Incredible

20th Jan 14, Tanya

Recently on Facebook, we have been mulling over the challenge of how to attract people to join in, and how to ensure they are not given too much, or indeed too little.

As luck would have it Kirkstall Community Gardens posted this wonderful image highlighting just how many exciting opportunities there are to be Incredible.

Interestingly, many of the roles don't mention growing. This is hugely important for group leaders to take on board early on.

Many groups will have started with their primary focus being growing but there are many tasks that are needed to ensure this happens. Insurance, event promotion, volunteer coordination, third party liaison - and this is just for starters.

As groups grow, the list grows too - working with schools, engaging local businesses, working with the powers that be etc.

But this list should not be seen as overwhelming, it should be seen as an opportunity.

I myself am a shamefaced non-grower, and while I aim to change that this year, without the scope to do non-growing activities, I would never have been able to become part of the Incredible family.

It also gives scope for cross-skill fertilisation, a grower by weekend may be a project manager by weekday. Or webbie, such as I, may yearn to grow.

By understanding the scope and need early on, you can plug this into your group plans and increase your pool of participants from the off. Otherwise, you will be chasing your tail trying to get things done and the growing you may have wanted to do in the first place may get swamped under the deluge of other tasks.

So take a closer look at this fab poster and see if you can attract a rainbow of Incredibles :)

Thanks to Kirkstall Community Gardens